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Microbial Remediation

Mold is ubiquitous, meaning, spores are virtually everywhere in our day to day environment. There is quite a bit of confusion regarding mold. There is a misnomer that molds are, without exception, extremely hazardous. Quite the contrary, absent mold, we would not enjoy many pleasures, a few of which are cheese, beer, wine and penicillin. Without mold we would be covered in the leaves and vegetative debris that molds and microbes consume in nature.

In an indoor environment, however, concentrated mold growth can be a threat to our property. It damages building materials, furniture and contents. Mold contamination has been identified as a contributor to allergies. Mold can contribute to poor indoor environmental air quality and lead to general bad health. When provided proper conditions, a food source, and moisture (water activity above .6, or relative humidity in excess of 60%), mold can grow. Some molds can grow within 48 hours. In water loss scenarios we stress "time is of the essence", because when allotted enough dwell time, even a typical water loss can evolve into a serious mold contamination.

Whether it is mold contamination, animal waste, or sewage, Integrated Restoration specializes in, and is experienced, trained and certified to handle the broad spectrum of microbial contaminations that you may encounter. We are well experienced and equipped with the advanced technologies required for containment, odor control, cleaning, disinfection and microbial remediation.

As a single source provider, Integrated Restoration will handle your microbial remediation disaster from emergency response, odor control and clean up, through to completed repairs, restoring your property and a healthy indoor environment.






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